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Fashion steps out!

It’s the start to the fashion season in Singapore and what better way to kick it off than having 150 models walk down a 600m-long strip of road at the Orchard Fashion Runway!

Was asked to help out with make-up for some of the brands and boy was I excited! A lot of media photos show what went on during the walk but here are some of the behind-the-scenes photos from inside the tent itself. Enjoy!


2pm. The calm before the storm as we set up to start working on make up.

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Behind the scenes – ‘Artistic Journeys’ (part two)

(Watch the episode of Artistic Journeys, Batik here and read part one here)

Based on some of the designs shown in part one, the patterns were drawn out on paper to size to send to Pak Hendri and his team in Indonesia.

batik paper patterns

Due to time and cost constraints unfortunately, only the centre collar design utilising the Sawat motif was selected.

The trip to Solo and Jogja was a whirlwind, with only two days total spent in lovely Indonesia. The team was very nice and I couldn’t have asked for better company! Here’s a peek at them in action:

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