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Make a ring box in 5 minutes for cheap!

Are your rings often in a heap on your dresser? Even in plates and bowls, rings tend to get messy.

I have no idea how I’ve put up with digging out my rings or even forgetting about some at the bottom of the heap:

wooden bowl plate containing rings

Unfortunately, a lot of the ring holders I see in stores are somewhat old-school. I wanted something simple with a clean look. I also wanted to wall mount this to free up space on my dresser.

And so I made my own using a spare small box and some cheap melamine foam that you can get at the two-dollar store. (For those in Singapore, I got it at Daiso!)

how to make a ring box in under 5 minutes for cheap

Sharing how I made this ring holder box here so you can make one of your own. Cheap and fast – who wouldn’t like it! :)

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True nudes with nail foundation and tint

Are you someone who has various shades of “nude” nail polish stashed away somewhere? Guilty!

But here’s a smarter nude – the HIPPxRGB nail collection. A collaboration between celebrity stylist Jenna Hipp and RGB founder Gina Carney, this collection introduces a cosmetic approach to nail color.

HIPPxRGB nail foundation opaque nude

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Crowd-funding for emerging fashion designers in Asia

ZAOZAO crowd-funding online platform for asian emerging fashion designersFinally! A crowd-funding online platform for emerging fashion designers in Asia!

ZAOZAO is launching in July and I am mega excited! Described as Kickstarter meets Fab meets Moda Operandi by its founders (according an interview by Techinasia), how it works is simple:

  1. Designers upload designs and decide on the funding amount required for production
  2. Each design has 21 days to reach its target funding goal
  3. Once funding targets are reached, production starts and everyone is happy!

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How to save torn bag handles

how to save torn bag handles and give it a new look with ribbon Have you ever had your PU leather bag handles tear on you? If the rest of the bag is still intact, it’d feel like such a waste to toss it!

This happened to me recently and I decided to try my best to save the handles and give it a new look! All this just with some ribbon lying around!

Here’s how:

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Make a difference with Saught

My mind is officially blown.

Nothing in fashion is better than being able to make a real difference in this world. And Saught does, with much beauty.

Creating products from landmines and unexploded ordnance, Saught supports sustainability in post-conflict countries. Through this process, artisans from Cambodia NGO partner workshops gain income and develop skills.

Each design conveys a story and here’s some of my favourite pieces:

Pursuing peace bangle saught jewelry singapore social enterprise

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