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Makeup expiration date cheat sheet

In my interaction with friends and various talents, it occurred to me that many people don’t watch out for their make up expiration dates even though they know they should. While I do that for the make up I use on professional gigs, I realized I’ve been quite slack with my personal items too.

As a visual person, I realised I do really badly with lists. I also realized that if the list of relevant shelf lives aren’t nearby, most people wouldn’t bother marking it down after purchasing new makeup.

And so… Here’s introducing a new makeup expiration date cheatsheet for your use! Now on how to use it:

free printable make up expiry date cheat sheet guide

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Make a no-sew peplum belt quick & easy

I’ve been waiting for some free time to do this tutorial and I finally found some time before this afternoon’s photoshoot (will post up photos of that gown later on!).

Peplum belts are a quick way to jazz up any pencil skirt and they’re actually really easy to make. This tutorial is for you if you don’t know how to/ don’t feel like sewing. Just a little bit of glue and you’re all set!

leather peplum belt tutorial no-sew quick and easy

Here goes:

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hello weekend

hello lazy weekend


Some pretty pieces to share with you!
This weekend will be filled with catching up with friends and family. And of course a ton of handstitching for a gown to be ready by Monday.
Have a good weekend my friends! :)

How to make a kindle or ipad sleeve

Want a simple and inexpensive way to make a sleeve for your Kindle or iPad? Restyle a thin padded envelope from the post office! This works as a flat clutch for essentials too :)

how to make a kindle or ipad sleeve tutorial

Here’s how:

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Make a necklace out of paper clips

I’ve been mega excited about this post and have been waiting for a non rainy day to do up the finishing touches. Finally! A gorgeous necklace made out of paper clips.

paperclip necklace with spray paint and nail polish

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make one for yourself!

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