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Bally showcase with Dior 1 Couleur

Apologies for not posting as often recently! Things have been a bit hectic (excited to announce a new collection soon) but I’d like to share a highlight from last week and a new make up fave!

I got the opportunity to work with Sam Ong, a celebrity make up artist in Singapore, on a Bally fashion showcase! For everyone who thinks it’s all glitz and glamor, check out the storeroom in which we had to do the makeup and dressing in! (It was still awesome nonetheless – imagine being so close to many Bally goodies!).

Bally fashion make up autumn winter showcase

One of the products I discovered through Sam is the 1 Couleur Eye Gloss by Dior (okay I know I’m a teeny bit slow on trying all new products upon launch immediately – I guess this means I’m happy with the ones I’ve been using so far?).

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By request – pink chevron cards

Building on top of some free printable thank you cards here, there’s been a request for chevron ones in pink.

free printable pink chevron cards

Print some out and keep them handy to say thank you once in a while! :)

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A tulle drawstring bag in 5 min flat

Drawstring bags are handy for chucking things in and really easy to make! But what’s better about a tulle version – you can actually SEE what’s inside! :)

how to make a tulle drawstring bag in 5 minutes fast and easy

After making a gown recently, I had a small bit leftover and figured I’d make something out of it. Another plus point about tulle – no fraying! (Feel free to use an old tee shirt to make this too! No fraying either!)

So here’s sharing with you – how to sew a tulle drawstring bag in about five minutes flat.

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Transforming an old loose dress

Tired of that dumpy old loose pull over dress? Transform it into something fun with some quick stitches, lace and ribbon!

transforming an old and loose dress into a new lace dress tutorial

It was some time back when I got this dress. Great for throwing on with other tops and accessories to run errands with. (It probably wasn’t meant to be that loose either – most things are incredibly loose on me unless they come in XS or XXS eep.)

In Singapore where it’s summer all year round, layering just makes me want to run home and hide in a/c. So time to transform this dumpy loose dress into something more fun, and without a need to layer!

Here’s the quick tutorial:

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Printable birthday cards

It’s been some time since I designed free printable cards so here’s the next one! (Starting to realize how much I love circles haha).

I adapted this design from an old sketch I did and from the new thank you image on my page – hit subscribe on the sidebar and you’ll see it! ;)

And guess what! Today’s my home country’s birthday. Yes, Singapore turns 47 this year. So – you guessed it – these will be happy birthday cards! (Not in our national colors of red and white though.)

free printable birthday card flower ball

Here’s a sneak peak at the jpg version. Don’t worry, my logo won’t be on the front design cover on the files you download – get the links for the laid out versions below!

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