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Get your designs made at Sketch Street!

Have you ever had an idea for a new fashion piece in your mind and wished you could find it in stores? Makes the shopping experience horrible doesn’t it? ;)

Here’s your chance to design your own pieces and have it made for the world to love and wear! All you need to do is submit your sketches to Sketch Street. The winning designs will be selected based on relevancy to the running theme, public votes and commercial viability. All the hard work in sampling and manufacturing will be taken care of the good people there who will work closely with you, the designer :)

Check out this past winning design and how it turned from a sketch into something really cool!

Original winning sketch by Liu Ruiyue:


sketch street leather lace top by liu ruiyue

Final product (you can view it on Sketch Street here):

leather lace top | sketch street

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Flower desktop wallpapers

Despite things getting hectic, it’s always good to take time out to smell the flowers (although not too literally!) My family and I took a trip to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore recently – a newly constructed ‘garden in the city’. In the flower dome, a cool-dry Mediterranean climate is replicated and flowers from all over the world can be viewed up-close.

If you’re in Singapore and love flowers, I’d highly recommend a visit!

In the meantime, here are some free flower desktop wallpapers taken from our trip. Enjoy! :)

free flower desktop wallpaper yellow preview

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Turn old zippers into a new necklace

Do you remember the craze when random zippers were placed all over clothes and bags? Now that the trend is over, you may not be feeling so hot for this look. Why not use those zippers and turn them into something else!

Here’s an idea for the weekend – a simple yet classic zipper necklace:

zipper necklace diy tutorial

Here’s how:

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Flower series

Things have been pretty crazy recently but flowers from a loved one always makes my day! There’s just something about the gentle folds of the petals and the beautiful colors. Adds a little bit of magic to the room…

Each time I receive flowers I can’t help but snap photos of them. I’ve decided to turn them into a series of images – for memories and to share with you! If you’ve had a hectic week too, hopefully these will help make your day too :)

small carnation bouquet flower series

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Organize your wires with a handy wrap

With the increasing number of gadgets I carry around for travel, the corresponding number of wires have been adding up! I used to toss them all into a pouch but after a while, the wires would just become a tangled mess. Has this happened to you too? :)

I’ve been wanting to come up with a solution for some time and finally got down to it today! Made from fabric and some velcro, this wrap helps to separate your wires neatly. What’s more, it can be rolled up for storage in a cupboard or a suitcase without taking up additional, unnecessary space!

wire organizer DIY tutorial

Here’s how:

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