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profile photo 2012// About

From a young age, I’ve always loved dabbling in artsy things and tried exploring new creative expressions and outlets on the side. But only after close to three years working full-time in marketing did I gather the courage to quit and take this seriously!

I confess – I get a thrill out of making things. I’ve also found fulfillment in sharing what I’ve learnt in making everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Join me in this fun exploration of fashion, beauty, craft and lifestyle together!

Lastly and most importantly, this is dedicated to my loved ones who have, and still are, supporting and encouraging me on this journey.

// My aesthetic

Having lived in New York City for four years and spending several summers in Japan, I have developed a love of all things beautiful with an added twist of intricate detailing based on a quirky aesthetic. A lot of my work involves hand-stitching or hand-crafted details and I love putting in that something extra to make the end result just that much more special!

// What I’m up to right now

I am currently based in Singapore and have recently launched a new brand of stylish and practical camera bags called Aide de Camp! Starting a business from scratch is definitely not easy but it’s been an exciting journey thus far!

I also provide freelance fashion design, styling and make-up services. Some of my more recent projects are posted on the portfolio page so be sure to check them out! If you need references for personal makeup or styling services, feel free to contact me at sayhi[at]micheleng.com and I’ll be happy to send you more info.

// Media

938LIVE, A Slice of Life Hour with Eugene Loh – 21 December 2011

          On A Slice of Life, I shared with Eugene and the audience tips on transiting from a full-time job to the life of a freelancer and first-time entrepreneur.

Channel U, Artistic Journeys (Batik Design) – 27 February 2012

          I was given the opportunity to go to Indonesia to learn more about Batik on this show. Watch the episode here and behind-the-scenes stories are now up on my blog!

 The Straits Times, Saturday – 3 March 2012

Sharing my story of lifelong dabbling with creativity in a feature on “values we value”. View the article here.